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Buck list for Food & Drink and Cooking & Utensils

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These are the words included in the so-called Buck list related to the Food & Drink and Cooking & Utensils semantic field.

No. English Aingeljã
5.11 to eat mannggăre
5.12 food mannggata
5.13 to drink bewăre
5.14 hunger fame
5.15 thirst
5.16 to suck suggăre
5.17 to mix meixăre
5.21 to cook coçre
5.22 to boil bullăre
5.23 to roast, to fry rostrefriggăre
5.24 to bake fornejăre
5.25 oven forn
5.26 pot pot
5.27 kettle caudera
5.28 pan pataina
5.31 dish disc
5.32 plate disc
5.33 bowl scutella
5.34 pitcher, jug pervàs
5.35 cup copa
5.36 saucer discell
5.37 spoon culler
5.38 knife coutell
5.39 fork forcell
5.41 meal mannggata
5.42 breakfast spertòmacs
5.43 lunch mannggata
5.44 dinner caina
5.45 supper caina
5.51 bread
5.52 cake gasteu
5.53 dough masa
5.54 to knead masăre
5.55 flour farina
5.56 to grind molăre
5.57 mill molĩ
5.61 meat charna
5.612 butcher charner
5.62 beef vitell
5.63 sausage sauchisa
5.64 soup, broth sopa
5.65 vegetable verdura
5.66 bean faixou
5.67 pea pisell
5.68 onion balnebal
5.69 cabbage chaula
5.70 potato patata
5.71 fruit frut
5.72 apple mella
5.73 pear pera
5.74 peach pesge
5.75 fig fic
5.76 grape owa
5.77 nut nuix
5.78 olive oliwa
5.79 oil oll
5.80 berry bagga
5.81 salt sala
5.82 pepper peper
5.83 vinegar vinacer
5.84 honey mela
5.85 sugar sucer
5.86 milk lata
5.87 to milk owerăre
5.88 cheese caix
5.89 butter buter
5.91 mead aqwamela
5.92 wine
5.93 beer ceureixa


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1. masculine noun Saucer.

Etymology: From disc plus derivative suffix -ell.


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1. masculine noun Pot.

Etymology: From French pot.


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1. feminine noun Beer.

Etymology: From Latin cervesia.


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1. feminine noun Mead.

Etymology: From aqwa plus mela.


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1. masculine noun Butter.

Etymology: From Latin butyrum.


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1. masculine noun Cheese.

Etymology: From Latin caseus via *casius.


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1. transitive verb To milk.

Etymology: From ower plus derivate suffix -ăre.


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1. masculine noun Sugar.

Etymology: From Arabic sukkar.


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1. feminine noun Honey.

Etymology: From Latin mel.