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I’m currently working to expand the vocabulary using the so-called Buck list. If you’re interested in Aingeljã grammar, you can read a summarized version on FrathWiki webpage.


Clothing, personal adornment and care

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These are the words included in the so-called Buck list related to the Clothing, personal adornment and care semantic field.

No. English Aingeljã
6.11 to put on (clothes) vestre, vestre-si
6.12 clothes, clothing haut, vestament
6.13 tailor tallator
6.21 cloth pann, tela
6.22 wool
6.23 linen llĩ
6.24 cotton cotõ
6.25 silk seta
6.26 lace dentella
6.27 felt feuter
6.28 fur pella
6.29 leather cori
6.31 to spin filăre
6.32 spindle fus
6.33 to weave teixăre
6.34 loom teler
6.35 to sew cosujăre
6.36 needle acuixa
6.37 awl soula
6.38 thread fil
6.39 to dye tinnggăre
6.41 cloak mantell
6.412 overcoat superhaut
6.42 woman’s dress haut fàmal
6.43 coat apric
6.44 shirt chameixa
6.45 collar voutacoll
6.46 skirt fauda
6.47 apron sawevestament
6.48 trousers pantalõ
6.49 stocking, sock jambau, chauça
6.51 shoe soller
6.52 boot bota
6.53 slipper pàmfela
6.54 shoemaker sollerer
6.55 hat, cap sawechap, unra-oixes
6.57 belt cinnggator
6.58 glove sawemã
6.59 veil vel
6.61 pocket bursell
6.62 button botõ
6.63 pin acuixell
6.71 adornment ornament
6.72 jewel jwela
6.73 ring aneu
6.74 bracelet braçau, pousau
6.75 necklace collau
6.81 handkerchief mocer
6.82 towel secamã
6.83 napkin pannell
6.91 comb petain
6.92 brush petainõ
6.93 razor radebaura
6.94 ointment unnggament
6.95 soap sapõ
6.96 mirror speix


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1. feminine noun Lace (decorative cloth).

Etymology: From dent plus derivative suffix -ell and feminine suffix -a, little tooth. Cf. French dentelle.


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1. masculine noun Loom.

Etymology: From tela plus derivative suffix -er.


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1. feminine noun Cloth, fabric.

Etymology: From Latin tela.


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1. transitive verb To weave, to knit.

Etymology: From Latin texere.


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1. masculine noun Soap.

Etymology: From Late Latin sapo.


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1. masculine noun Ointment.

Etymology: From unngg-, stem of the verb unnggăre, plus derivative suffix -ment.


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1. transitive verb To anoint, to smear.

Etymology: From Latin ungere.


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1. masculine noun Razor.

Etymology: From rade, third person of the present tense of verb radre, plus baura, something that scratches the beard.


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1. masculine noun Brush.

Etymology: From petain plus derivative suffix .