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1. adjective Astur-Leonese (related to Asturias and León, or the people who live there).

2. masculine noun Astur-Leonese (people from Asturias and León).

3. masculine noun Astur-Leonese (language of Asturias and León).

Etymology: From astur and ljonès.


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1. proper noun Asturias.

Etymology: From astur plus derivative suffix -lã.


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1. adjective Asturian (related to Asturias or the Asturian people).

2. masculine noun Asturian (person from Asturias).

3. masculine noun Asturian (language of Asturias).

Etymology: From Latin astur.


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1. derivative suffix Added to a noun, it derives a new noun with an augmentative meaning (larger size). Example: casa, house, casaza, mansion; mur, wall (as of Berlin Wall), muraz, wall (of a medieval town).

Etymology: From Latin -aceus via *-atiu.

aut enraix

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[au̯t enˈraʃ]

1. adverb of manner However.

Etymology: From Spanish alto embargo via *alto embrago.


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1. pronominal verb To be called (a name). Example: J’apelle-mi Àingel.

Etymology: From apellăre.


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1. transitive verb To call.

Etymology: From Latin appellare.


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1. feminine noun Help.

Etymology: From Latin adiuta.


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1. adverb of manner Thus, like this, such, so.

Etymology: From Latin ad sic, with interference of via *ansina, cf. Portuguese assim.


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1. adjective Previous.

Etymology: From Latin anterior.