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1. preposition Of (possession or ownership). Example: Dou llïur eh de moul’amic, this book belongs to my friend.

2. preposition From (place of origin). Example: Jo sõ de Spanna, I’m from Spain.

3. preposition It expresses the manner something is done. Example: Nos façrèms-ou de da forma, we will do it this way.

4. preposition Of (material). Example: Oul’aneu eh d’aur, the ring is made of gold.

5. preposition At (for certain temporal moments). Example: De noix tots ous gats sen pards, at night all cats are brown.

6. preposition It expresses a quality. Example: T’has ũ cor de ljõ, you are lion-hearted.

7. preposition From (starting point of a period of time, a journey, etc.), synonym of des. Example: De Madrid a Barcelona s’hast pluix de seixcents cilometers, from Madrid to Barcelona there are more than six hundred kilometres.

8. preposition It expresses the use of something, synonym of per (3). Example: Dona-mi as botas de scijăre, pass me the ski boots.

Spelling: Before words beginning with a vowel or h-, it turns into d’, with word ligature (both words are written together without intermediate spaces). Before the definite article determiner, see dou (3).

Etymology: From Latin de.