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1. adjective Healthy.

Etymology: From Latin sanus.

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1. feminine noun Hand.

Etymology: From Latin manus.

Buck list for Body Parts & Functions

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These are the words included in the so-called Buck list related to the Body Parts & Functions semantic field.

No. English Aingeljã
4.11 body corp
4.12 skin, hide pella, pellona
4.13 flesh charna
4.14 hair pell, chapell
4.142 beard baura
4.15 blood sangina
4.16 bone os
4.162 rib costa
4.17 horn corn
4.18 tail chauda
4.19 back spauta
4.20 head chap
4.202 skull crann, chawarja
4.203 brain cereur
4.204 face feza
4.205 forehead fronta
4.206 eyebrow superoix
4.207 jaw mannggula
4.208 cheek maixella
4.209 chin mentõ
4.21 eye oix
4.22 ear aureixa
4.23 nose nasa
4.24 mouth buca
4.25 lip laur
4.26 tongue langa
4.27 tooth dent, mola
4.28 neck coll
4.29 throat gargella
4.30 shoulder autbraç
4.31 arm braç
4.32 elbow cout
4.33 hand
4.34 finger deit
4.342 thumb polleix
4.35 leg jamba
4.36 knee genulla
4.37 foot pez
4.38 toe deit dou pez
4.39 nail, claw unnlla, unnllaix
4.392 wing ala
4.393 feather pluma
4.40 front of chest pet
4.41 breast of woman pet, teta
4.42 udder ower
4.43 navel onlic
4.44 heart cor
4.45 liver fit
4.46 belly, stomach venter, stòmac, audome
4.47 womb uter, venter
4.48 egg owell
4.49 testicle testeix, collõ
4.492 penis pain
4.51 to breathe, breath rispirăre, suflat
4.52 to gape, yawn oscizăre, oscizament
4.53 to cough, cough tosăre, tosura
4.54 to sneeze, sneeze sternujăre, sternujazõ
4.55 to sweat, sweat sudorăre, sudor
4.56 to spit scospujăre
4.57 to vomit, vomit vomitre, vòmit
4.58 to bite, bit mordre, mordatura
4.59 to lick lanre
4.61 to sleep, sleep dormăre, dormata, seixta
4.62 to dream, dream sonnăre, sonn
4.63 to weak deixpertre-si
4.64 to fart, fart petidre-si, pètid
4.65 to urinate, urine orinăre, pisejăre, orina, pis
4.66 to void excrement, dung, excrement eixventerăre, cacre, merda, eixcremant, stercor
4.67 to have sexual intercourse, to fuck fotujăre
4.71 to beget (of father) generăre
4.72 to bear (of mother) partorăre
4.73 pregnant graudata
4.732 to conceive graudre
4.74 to live, life, alive viwăre, vita, vïu
4.75 to die, death, dead morăre, morata, morat
4.76 to kill tautre
4.77 corpse, body chadaur, corp
4.78 to bury (the dead) souterrăre
4.79 grave, tomb tomba
4.81 strong, mighty, powerful fort, potant
4.82 weak, infirm deul
4.83 well, health , salù, sanità
4.84 sick, sickness malhautòs, malhaut
4.85 to wound, wound ferăre, ferata
4.86 cure, to cure, to heal cura, curăre. sanăre
4.87 physician megge
4.88 medicine, drug meggament, droga, scjenza mèggala
4.89 poison venain
4.91 tired, weary, tiredness tirrat, tirranza, fatigatfatiga
4.92 lazy, laziness pigrizòs, pigriza
4.93 bald, baldness chawe, chawiza
4.94 lame, lameness, one-armed, one-handed, that has lost at least one finger disjambòs, disjambosiza, disbraçòs, dismanòs, disdeitòs
4.95 deaf, deafness surd, surdera
4.96 dumb, dumbness mut, mutera
4.97 blind, blindess cec, cecera
4.98 drunk, drunkenness ewer, ewertà
4.99 naked, bare nudat


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1. feminine noun Collar bone, clavicule.

Etymology: From Latin clavicula with the same ending as avicula > aweixa.


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1. masculine noun Sternum, breastbone.

Etymology: From Greek sternon.


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1. feminine noun Tibia.

Etymology: From Latin tibia.


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1. feminine noun Fibula.

Etymology: From Latin fibula.


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1. feminine noun Ulna.

Etymology: From Latin ulna.


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1. masculine noun Pelvis.

Etymology: From Latin pelvis.


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1. feminine noun Bile, gall.

Etymology: From Latin bilis.