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1. adverb of quantity So much (quantity), so often (frequency), so, such. Example: Nõ virca tant o ta salù notaré-ou, Don’t work so much or your health will notice it.

2. indefinite determiner So much, so many. Example: Tanta genta na strata pone-mi neuròs, so many people on the street make me nervous.

3. indefinite pronoun So much, so many. Example: Gga hen esat costrujats tants, so many have been already built.

Etymology: From Latin tantus.

~ … com

[tant kom]

1. comparative conjunction As … as, as much as, as many as. Example: Jo vollarïe esăre tant aut com a Llũ, I’d like to be as tall as the Moon.

~ … qwe

[tant kwe]

1. consecutive conjunction So much … that, so many … that. Example: Tants vadeiren ad a warra, qwe ou pouple risté sens homes, so many went to the war, that the town ran out of men.