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1. feminine noun Wool.

Etymology: From Latin lana.

2. masculine noun Country, land.

Etymology: From English land.


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1. feminine noun Vagina.

Etymology: From Latin vagina.

2. feminine noun Vein.

Etymology: From Latin vena.


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1. derivative suffix Added to the stem of a verb, it derives the corresponding noun or adjective. Example: discendre (verb), to descend, discendant (noun), descendant; stimowăre (verb), to stimulate, stimowant (adjective), stimulating.

Etymology: From Latin -ante.

2. derivative suffix Added to the stem of a verb, it derives the corresponding gerund (present participle). Example: chantre, to sing, chantant, singing.

Etymology: From Latin -andu.


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1. masculine noun Sex.

Etymology: From Latin sexus.

2. numeral Six.

Etymology: From Latin sex.


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1. masculine noun Gulf.

Etymology: From Latin colphus.

2. masculine noun Golf.

Etymology: From English golf.


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1. adjective Cultured, educated.

Etymology: From Latin cultus.

2. masculine noun Elbow.

Etymology: From Latin cubitus.


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1. conditional conjunction If, in case.

Etymology: From Latin si.

2. adverb of affirmation Yes.

Etymology: From Latin sic.

~ bain

[si bai̯n]

1. concessive conjunction Although. Example: Si bain ill hast façat grãns progreixes, tuvïe nõn hast ou nivell su fizant, although he has made a great improvement, he is not up to the standard yet.


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1. adjective Straight (not bent).

Etymology: From Latin rectus.

2. adjective Rhaetian (from or related to the area where Rhaeto-Romance languages are spoken).

Etymology: From Latin Rhaeticus via *Rhaetus.


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1. Derivative suffix Added to a noun, it derives a new noun with a meaning of hit, set or content. Example: semain, semen, semainata, seed; petra, stone, petrata, hit from a stone.

Etymology: From Latin -ata.

2. Derivative suffix Feminine version of the derivative suffix -at, corresponding to a participle.

Etymology: From -at plus feminine derivative suffix -a.


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1. feminine noun Woman.

Etymology: From Latin femina via French femme.

2. feminine noun Fame.

Etymology: From Latin fama.