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1. masculine noun Franco-Provençal (person from Arpitania).

2. masculine noun Franco-Provençal (language of Arpitania).

Etymology: From franc and prwençau.


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1. adjective Corsican (related to Corsica or the Corsican people).

2. masculine noun Corsican (person from Corsica).

3. masculine noun Corsican (language of Corsica).

Etymology: From Coresca plus derivative suffix .


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1. adjective Sardinian (related to Sardinia or the Sardinian people).

2. masculine noun Sardinian (person from Sardinia).

3. masculine noun Sardinian (language of Sardinia).

Etymology: From Sardinna plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. adjective Gallo-Itallic (related to Northern Italy or the people living there).

2. masculine noun Gallo-Itallic (person from Northern Italy).

3. masculine noun Gallo-Itallic (set of languages in Northern Italy).

Etymology: From gall plus itallã.


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1. adjective Gaulish (relative to Gaul or the Gauls).

2. masculine noun A person from Gaul.

3. masculine noun Gaulish (language of Gaul).

Etymology: From Latin gallus.


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1. adjective Friulian (related to Friuli or the Friulian people).

2. masculine noun Friulian (a person from Friuli).

3. masculine noun Friulian (language of Friuli).

Etymology: From Frjul plus derivative suffix .


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1. masculine noun Ladino (language also known as Judaeo-Spanish). Not to be confused with ladinnès.

Etymology: From Latin latinus.


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1. adjective Ladin (related to Ladinia or the Ladin people).

2. masculine noun Ladin (person from Ladinia).

3. masculine noun Ladin (language of Ladinia). Not to be confused with ladĩ.

Etymology: From Ladinna plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. adjective Romansh (related to Grisons or the people living in that canton of Switzerland).

2. masculine noun Romansh (person from Grisons).

3. masculine noun Romansh or Rhaeto-Romance (language of Grisons, canton of Switzerland).

Etymology: From ret plus romànic.


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1. adjective Grison (related to Grisons, canton of Switzerland).

2. masculine noun Grison (person from Grisons, canton of Switzerland).

Etymology: From Romansh Grischun