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1. adjective Italian (related to Italy or the Italian people).

2. masculine noun Italian (person from Italy).

3. masculine noun Italian (language of Italy).

Etymology: From Italla plus derivative suffix .


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1. masculine noun Provençal (person from Provence, France).

2. masculine noun Provençal (language spoken in Provence, France).

Etymology: From Prwença plus derivative suffix -au.


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1. adjective Frank (related to this Germanic people).

2. masculine noun Frank (person of this Germanic people).

3. masculine noun Frankish (language of the Franks).

Etymology: From Germanic *frank.


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1. adjective French (related to France or the French people).

2. masculine noun Frenchman (person from France).

3. masculine noun French (language of France).

Etymology: From Franza plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. masculine noun Occitan (person from Occitania).

2. adjective Occitan (related to Occitania or the Occitan people).

Etymology: From Oclã plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. adjective Valencian (related to the Valencian community, Valencia city or the Valencian people).

2. masculine noun Valencian (person from the Valencian community or Valencia city).

3. masculine noun Valencia (language of the Valencia community, variant of Catalan).

Etymology: From Valenza plus derivative suffix .


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1. adjective Catalan (relative to Catalonia or the Catalan people).

2. masculine noun Catalan (person from Catalonia).

3. masculine noun Catalan (language of Catalonia).

Etymology: From Catala plus derivative suffix .


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1. adjective Aragonese (related to Aragon or the Aragonese people).

2. masculine noun Aragonese (person from Aragon).

3. masculine noun Aragonese (language of Aragon).

Etymology: From Aragõ plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. adjective Castilian (related to Castile or the Castilian people).

2. masculine noun Castilian (person from Castile).

3. masculine noun Spanish or Castilian (language of Spain).

Etymology: From Chastella plus derivative suffix .


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1. adjective Galician (related to Galicia or the Galician people).

2. masculine noun Galician (person from Galicia).

3. masculine noun Galician (language of Galicia).

Etymology: From Galiza plus derivative suffix ã.