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1. masculine noun Ladino (language also known as Judaeo-Spanish). Not to be confused with ladinnès.

Etymology: From Latin latinus.


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1. adjective Ladin (related to Ladinia or the Ladin people).

2. masculine noun Ladin (person from Ladinia).

3. masculine noun Ladin (language of Ladinia). Not to be confused with ladĩ.

Etymology: From Ladinna plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. proper noun Ladinia (region in Northern Italy where Ladin is spoken).

Etymology: From Latin Ladinia.


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1. adjective Leonese (related to León or the Leonese people).

2. masculine noun Leonese (person from León).

3. masculine noun Leonese (language of León).

Etymology: From Ljõ plus derivative suffix -ès.


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1. proper noun León (city in Spain).

Etymology: From Spanish León.


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1. Derivative suffix Added to the name of a people, it expresses the land of that people.

Etymology: From .


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1. adjective Latin (related to the Latin language or the Roman Empire).

2. masculine noun Latin (language of the Roman Empire).

Etymology: From Latin Latinus.


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1. masculine noun Linen.

Etymology: From Latin linum.

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1. feminine noun Wool.

Etymology: From Latin lana.

2. masculine noun Country, land.

Etymology: From English land.


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1. feminine noun Legume.

Etymology: From Latin legumen.