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1. adverb of place There.

Etymology: From Latin illac.


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1. adverb of place Here.

Etymology: From Latin eccum hac.


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1. adjective Long.

2. adverb of place Far, far away.

Etymology: From Latin longe.

ad ou ~ de

[ad ou̯ loˈneʃ de]

1. preposition Along (over the length of something), during (a period of time). Example: Ous amorats laicen chaminăre ad ou loneix dou rïu, the lovers like walking along the river.



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1. adverb of place or time Near here, nearby. Example: Ou hwern eh circa, winter is coming (=winter is nearly here).

Etymology: From Latin circa.

~ de

[ˈkiɾka de]

1. preposition Near, close to (not far away). Example: Oul’hospitau eh circa da stazõ de train, the hospital is near the train station.

2. preposition Around (approximate). Example: J’heh wannat circa de douz millõns d’euros nou loto, I’ve won around two million euros in the lottery.

Etymology: From Latin circa.