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1. transitive verb To beg, to ask for.

2. transitive verb To say (a prayer).

3. intransitive verb To pray.

Etymology: From Latin precare.

~ pur

[ˈpɾekɾe puɾ]

1. prepositional verb To pray for.


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1. transitive verb To free, to liberate, to release.

Etymology: From lluwer plus derivative suffix -re.

~ de

[ʎuˈweɾəɾe de]

1. prepositional verb To free (somebody) of (something).


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1. transitive verb To count (numbers), to tell (a story).

2. intransitive verb To count, to tell.

Etymology: From Latin computare.

~ cõ

[ˈkontɾe ko]

1. prepositional verb To count on somebody, to rely on somebody.


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1. intransitive verb To pull, to draw, to drag, to be tight.

2. transitive verb To bring, to carry.

Etymology: From Latin trahere.

~ de

[ˈtɾawəɾe de]

1. prepositional verb To pull (using a rope).


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1. intransitive verb To fight.

2. transitive verb To fight (a battle).

Etymology: From lluta plus derivative suffix -re.

~ conter

[ˈʎutɾe konˈteɾ]

1. prepositional verb To fight (an enemy).


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1. transitive verb To fear, to be afraid of, to be frightened of.

Etymology: From pwor plus derivative suffix -re.

~ pur

[ˈpwoɾəɾe puɾ]

1. prepositional verb To fear for.


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1. transitive verb To smell (a flower, a perfume, etc.).

2. intransitive verb To smell, to give off a kind of smell.

Etymology: From olor plus derivative suffix -re.

~ a

[oˈloɾəɾe a]

1. prepositional verb To smell of (something).



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1. transitive verb To think, to think about, to think over.

2. intransitive verb To think.

Etymology: From Latin pensare.

~ de

[ˈpensəɾe de]

1. prepositional verb To think of (somebody/something), to have an opinion about (somebody/something).

~ ne

[ˈpensəɾe ne]

1. prepositional verb To think about (somebody/something), to have (somebody/something) in one’s thoughts.


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1. transitive verb To believe, to think.

Etymology: From cred plus derivative suffix -re.

~ ne 

[ˈkɾedɾe ne]

1. prepositional verb To believe in (somebody/something).