Sixth Language Creation Conference this weekend!

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The Sixth Language Creation Conference (LCC6) is taking place this weekend in Horsham, United Kingdom, organized by the Language Creation Society. Here’s the schedule of the conference.

Among the speakers of today Saturday, David J. Peterson, creator of Dothraki and High Valyrian in Games of Thrones TV show, gave a talk about professional conlanging.

Christian Thalmann, creator of Jovian and other conlangs, also gave a very interesting talk about Romance conlangs (or Romlangs) titled Jovian and the joys of Romlanging. I have to thank him for giving Aingeljã as an example of successful Romlang!!

Snapshot from YouTube of Christian’s presentation when he mentioned Aingeljã

Here’s the video of Christian’s presentation (in fact the whole Saturday afternoon session of LCC6). Aingeljã is mentioned in minute 1:55:17.