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1. adverb of quantity A lot, much. Example: J’ame-ti mout, I love you a lot.

2. adverb of quantity Very (used to express the superlative degree in adjectives and adverbs). Example: A citàt eh mout bella, the city is very beautiful.

3. indefinite determiner A lot of, much, many. Example: Jo laic ou cafè cõ mout sucer, I like coffee with a lot of sugar; mouts lãns dou mond viwen n’eixtrema pauperiza, many countries in the world live in the extreme poverty.

4. indefinite pronoun Much, many. Example: Mouts hen-si qwezonat pur qwe hast sucedat dou, many have asked themselves why this has happened, da mannggata d’hjer, s’hast tuvïe mouta, of the food from yesterday, there is still much of it left.

Etymology: From Latin multus.