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1. preposition In (situation inside a place). Example: Jo viwe ne Nou Jorc, I live in New York.

2. preposition In (to express the way something is done). Example: Ill eixé ne peixam ad a strata, he came out to the street in pyjamas.

3. preposition In (a certain period of time, including months, days, seasons). Example: N’otour comenze ou curs, the course begins in October.

4. preposition By (mode of transport). Example: Jo vojaixaré n’airplã, I’m going to fly by airplane.

5. preposition Into (direction to enter a place). Example: Ma mara entré na stanza, my mother came into the room.

6. preposition Used before an adjective, it is equivalent to an adverb ended in -ment. Example: Ne ggenèral (= ggenèralament) jo laic tots ous stilles musìcals, in general I like all music styles.

Spelling: Before words beginning with a vowel or h-, it turns into n’, with word ligature (both words are written together without intermediate spaces). Before a definite article determiner, see nou (3).

Etymology: From Latin in, with the letters interchanged by metathesis.