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1. intransitive verb To come, to come over.

2. periphrastic verb It expresses purpose. It is used with an infitinive. Example: Toul’amic hast-ti venat vidre, your friend has come to see you.

3. periphrastic verb It is used in narrations, where sentences are usually in the past tense, as an equivalent form to the main verb conjugated in this past tense. It is used with an infitinive. Example: Ou scriwator vené morăre (=moré) circulat pur tota sa familla, the writer died (=came to die) surrounded by all his family.

4. periphrastic verb It expresses a repetitive process since long time ago. It is used with a gerund. Example: Ou diretor vene rowant denair des façe mouts meixes, the headmaster has been stealing money since many months ago.

Etymology: From Latin venire.